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What does solar energy cost?

It’s the number one question we get and rightfully so. While historically solar energy used to be many times more expensive than energy you would get from burning fossil fuels, today this isn’t the case anymore. Due to economies of scale, continuiung widespread adoption worldwide, and advances in technology coupled with decreasing stocks of fossil fuel, solar energy is now more affordable and makes even more sense than traditional power, especially here in the Philippines.

Purchasing your system

Buying a solar power system is a solid investment with good returns and other great benefits. A typical system for most Philippine households see a return on investment in less than 5 years.

And with our 20-year protection plan, your system is still guaranteed throughout at no added cost.

Solar PPA

A PPA or Power Purchase Agreement is a contract to buy solar power based on a predetermined rate that is less than the prevailing market rate your electricity company bills you monthly. Because this is a set rate, you are protected from future utility rate increases by your existing power company.

You only pay for the solar power generated and not the solar equipment itself. UnitedSolar will install, maintain and own the solar system on your property.

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