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The most comprehensive real-time electricity monitor on the planet is now available in the Philippines. Introducing The Energy Detective – TED.


What you can do with TED

1. Monitor your office/retail store/warehouse or factory’s electricity consumption in real time.
2. Compare actual energy usage with your utility’s monthly billings.
3. Find out how much electricity is being used throughout the day.
4. Find out if there are illegal connections to your electric lines.
5. Find out which of your equipment/appliances is consuming the most energy.
6. Conserve electricity and save money based on the data collected.

TED Pro Lite

TED Pro Lite is designed for small 3-phase services, or services where there is single-phase service derived from 3-phase power (like a high-rise apartment/condo building). The limitation is 277V / 200A service.
TED Pro Lite communicates via a very robust PLC (power line carrier), and does not have the Ethernet communication availability found in our Pro 400/800/1200 systems.
A standard TED Pro LIte system comes with the following:
(1) one ECC w/ Power Cord
(1) one MTU Lite
(3) three 200A CTs
(1) one 125-250V power cable
(1) one Ethernet Cable

TED Pro 400/800/1200/2000 w/ Coils /5000 w/ Coils also available.


How It Works

STEP 1: Electricity flows from utility to a building’s meter
Electricity travels from the utility to a facility’s meter, where the utility measures the amount of electricity usage. Electricity then flows into a building’s breaker panel through two (residential) or three (commercial) main incoming conductors.

STEP 2: Device is installed inside the breaker panel
Inside the breaker panel, Current Transformers (CTs) are clamped around the main incoming wires to provide an accurate electrical reading of the amount of electricity the building is using. TED’s clamps are sensitive to one watt with a +/- 1% accuracy.

STEP 3: TED Communicates over Existing Powerlines
Inside the breaker panel, the CTs are directly connected to a Measuring Transmitting Unit (MTU). The MTU sends the data via Powerline Carrier Communication (which travels over the existing power lines) so no additional wiring is needed.

STEP 4: Data is instantly collected, analyzed and stored
An Energy Control Center (TED Pro Series) or Gateway (TED 5000 series) is the data-receiving hub that analyzes and stores real-time electricity data. This device is embedded with Footprints data-logging software and can connect to any computer or router.

STEP 5: Results can be viewed online
Real time data can be viewed online in a sleek and friendly user interface using your secure account details. Complete with historical data.

Customer Reviews

Don’t just trust our word for it, see what our clients have to say.

Justine, Office Manager – Manila, NCR

“To save money, we used lots of old air-conditioning units but with TED, we saw these were consuming more electricity than newer ones. So the choice was easy, we switched bought new ones and we’ll be saving money! Thanks for UnitedSolar’s TED.”

Mariel, Retail Store Owner – San Carlos, Pangasinan

“I love their online dashboard. Very easy to understand the numbers!”

Erica, Retail Store Manager – Makati, NCR

“With UnitedSolar’s TED, we’ve taken the guesswork out of our daily operations. We exactly know how much each air conditioning costs, how much electricity goes into cooling our stores.”

Kenneth, Warehouse Owner – Candon, Ilocos Sur

“Great product. Great service. Money well spent.”

Angel, Restaurant Owner – Antipolo, Rizal

“We’re a green restaurant that takes energy consumption very seriously. With TED we’ve been able to cut back on electricity costs by as much as 30%.”

Christian, Factory Manager – San Juan, NCR

“Our electricity bills are huge because we have lots of equipment. We didn’t know which ones were consuming how much until now. Thanks to the real time monitoring, we can now make better decisions when planning production.”

Works with Single Phase or Three Phase Systems, Solar, Wind and Generators

TED Pro series is a state-of-the-art system designed for commercial and light industrial electricity monitoring. Designed for three phase electrical systems that have breaker panels 5,000 AMPs or less, TED Pro is helping businesses around the world lower their electricity bill.

Perfect for homes with Solar or Wind power systems or even gas powered generators. See how much your solar or wind power systems are producing in real time too!


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