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The UnitedSolar Philippines advantage

Service, experience, best-in-class technology and more. See why companies, cities, schools and other organizations across the country – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao – are choosing UnitedSolar as their full-service commercial solar power provider.

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Commercial solar power is good business sense

Generating your own power and not relying on expensive grid fed electricity is the first step. We can help you do much more. Let us help you reduce your overall energy usage and your business’ impact on the environment. (Need a people counting / environmental monitoring system and business analytics software for your business?)

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Customised solar energy solutions

Commercial and industrial energy requirements aren’t the same for everyone. Some may have specific challenges that need to be met with creative and exact engineering to ensure maximum return of investment and minimal business interruptions.

With UnitedSolar, we understand that completely. Our team looks at each client’s needs carefully and draws upon years of combined industry knowledge and expertise to craft a fully efficient and workable solution for you.

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Powering communities with solar panels

Aside from homeowners and businesses, we’re always look for ways to extend our reach to those in need. UnitedSolar has the experience and expertise to power communities and those in dire need of affordable energy. Whether it’s a rural town not served by current utilities or a calamity-struck area in need of emergency power, we can help.

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Clean energy can empower your schools

Schools, both private and public, are fast discovering the vast rewards to switching to solar. Perfect because classes take place during the day, when the solar system generates the most, UnitedSolar helps schools to keep their energy bills to a bare minimum.

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Build homes that stand out

A solar power system is a great selling point when it comes to new homes. Everyone wants their own energy and now they can with their new home. Let us worry about design and installation, while you worry about building great homes for the community.

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